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Just saying hello to all in the Circle :) glad [...]

Deer Park, Washington
via FCP - United States - Pacific NW
Just saying hello to all in the Circle glad to see people in the Pacific NW awake and listening to Max ... I have been running down rabbit holes lately and need to discover what others are doing .. much love to all .. eyes open, no fear peace out
Hi Jeff. I once was lost in those rabbit holes. As it turns out, I had to in order to learn the logic of the rabbits. Now I can think like the rabbit, and I know where the hole leads without having to actually go down it. The best general reference I found has been James De Witt Anrews. He wrote "American Law", and "Statutes" among other great works. The first book of American Law really explains the true nature and mechanics of our government, but more importantly he explains exactly what a "person" is. Also, "Statutes" helps you understand how to interpret a statute regardless of what it says. This makes it way easier to use the statutes against the government. After all, government agents are "persons" within the meaning of statutes. "American Law" (…). Statutes (…).
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 21:48:57
Hello Jeff and welcome. Sometimes I think we should call ourselves the rabbit army, but then I worry about the likely cozplay application and abandon the idea. I too have seen my fair share of the innards of rabbit holes, and I think eaf said it nicely, we must learn the logic of rabbits. That way we can begin to see how each hole is connected to a larger warren inside. The solutions are always found at the root, at the source, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't come up for air now and again.
Thursday 11 February 2016, 01:59:22
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