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I see Sir cliff is back in the news ,,, [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
I see Sir cliff is back in the news ,,, let's hope it's fully exposed this time , it might bring the whole perverted lot down
Let`s hope so Gaynor...I was in my local butchers a few years back and told them Cliff was on the "yet to be exposed"paedo list...hell fire I was nearly put in the sausage machine :P
Sunday 7 February 2016, 17:08:52
The dominos are falling,
Sunday 7 February 2016, 17:13:19
Dunno...the dark forces are very good at covering their arses,very difficult to prove decades old child abuse .... unless you`re already dead ,even then you`ll probably get away with it...the system will see to it..they`re all in it together
Sunday 7 February 2016, 17:24:39
This goes so deep , Your probably right
Sunday 7 February 2016, 17:30:26
What happens to all these innocent children??…
Sunday 7 February 2016, 17:58:41
So sad,
Sunday 7 February 2016, 18:51:09
irelands peace keeper
the world is being controlled by a bunch a sick people, there is a sicker agenda at play they are trying to legalize peadophiliea in germany. i told people a yuear agomthat this would be coming. peadophiles want the same rights as gays now.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 20:01:07
It won't happen, exposure of these sick elite untouchables (so they think) will turn the world on its head , no one will allow kiddies to be legally abused , hell will freeze over by all the mums of this world. Testicles will be cut off
worldwide , and I will hold the whet stone 💁
Sunday 7 February 2016, 21:09:16
[deleted user]
It's a pity we don't make guillotines anymore, I guess wood chippers will have to do...
Monday 8 February 2016, 05:16:57
irelands peace keeper
dark energies my friend, they have taken control of their thinking, no true human in light mind would think this way, they find weak people to enter and take over the thought process. we have a free will tomake our decision but some people get hijacked by bthese dark demons, this is not a sickness this is a hijacking of a person minds, a trauma in someones life can weaken their defences and in they come, we all had bad thoughts in our life but our light energies were able to clear them with the help of our free will, some just are not that strong minded. its the ones pushing the agenda that are completely hijacked, some dark malevolent forces is at work in this plane of existence its up to the individual to decide to do or not to do.
Monday 8 February 2016, 18:54:04
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