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Hi all, I'm new to this web site and I'm [...]

Bolton, New York
via The Full Circle Project
Hi all, I'm new to this web site and I'm glad to find people that are a wake in my area (up-state NY) I was beginning to think I was the only one! I had my personal awakening about three years ago and it shook me to the core. At first I was filled with fear and felt small, now I'm a lot less fearful and realize that I'm in control of my own reality and collectively we can change the reality of the world. Now, I have a positive outlook for the future, the light seems to be exposing the dark on an accelerated pace. Change is coming faster than we may think or are prepared for. What may look like doom and gloom is the destruction of the old paradigm and the birth of a new paradigm, a new energy at a frequency that is too high for the old to exist. This is the evolution of humanity, a spiritual revolution and we are here to see it, experience it and to manifest it into being. I am very optimistic about the future, the scales are tipping in our favor and its time to lift up our brothers and sisters that are struggling to make sense of what is going on. We are the ones that must show them the way when there world is crumbling around them.

[deleted user]
Hi Sierra! the above is beautiful and so true. There are more of us waking each moment and we need to unite and help eachother. Thank you for sharing your post. Hugs to you
Monday 8 February 2016, 16:05:23
Warmly welcome!
Monday 8 February 2016, 16:30:54
Mark R
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 02:09:22
So well said, Sierra. I am so glad that you are posting on this website.
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 02:47:41
Sierra Romeo
Thanks all for welcoming me aboard! Peace
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 15:49:33
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