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Here goes: I and I think a lot of [...]

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
via The Full Circle Project
Here goes: I and I think a lot of other people are thinking that what we see "out there" as solid reality is in fact a projection into the third dimension of a hologram, projected from a higher dimension where we all participate in what we might call God consciousness (though that appellation would not be correct since I think there are infinite dimensions beyond wherever that hologram is being projected). In this scenario we collectively are God, our God consciousness projects the hologram which shifts with every ripple through the Consciousness. Those shifts are what we call "change." God, "we," would consist of every consciousness that ever manifested and all the consciousnesses that could potentially manifest and all the consciousnesses that will never manifest. All. Such a scenario would produce a quantum physics, or it does produce a quantum physics. In this scenario then, the way to manifest change would be to harmonize so completely with God/WE that our wish is Its wish. In harmonizing we would come to see, however, that Its wish is already perfect. (Sort of like a double slit experiment.) This scenario would explain why, since we are in a hologram (one with fractals, cubes, and relationships we likely don't even know about yet), a movement in one projected particle changes the whole. Changes everything. It would explain why when one person gets more awake then everything in the third dimension gets lighter. If that is the case then what we want to do is: while we envision the change our hearts want to see, we personally intend to so vibrate with the perfection that already is, that our feelings of disharmony consciously soothe into the whole vibration and we are at peace. Interestingly, I know from personal experience that it is possible to hold both scenarios in consciousness at the same time. Holding this dual awareness requires practice every day.(As I have done before on this site, I refer you again to the many YouTube videos of a guy named Matt Kahn.) There are likely physics experiments which deal with how many particles must be vibrating at a particular frequency in order to entrain the whole LUMP. Anybody, what do you think of this? You can shoot it full of holes. Cheers!
Yes we are the SHIFT. And as we awaken to who we really are beyond the construct of "Little Me" just our presence creates a ripple effect beyond our human minds understanding. Our work is to put our awakening to the test and allow the rubber to meet the road in this physical reality. I've tried many things in this reality just based on my higher guidance or inner knowing because I felt that so called miracles could be experienced and was quit normal. What if I said there are Beings on the planet that could move planets, shift galaxies etc. If you saw them on the street they would blend in like everyone else. Anyway getting carried away again, Thanks, Now.
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 07:14:34
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