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Hello Everyone. Happy to know that there is such a [...]

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Hello Everyone. Happy to know that there is such a belief system exists and I and we can take part in this.
I would be happy to hear if there is anyone from Turkey joined this.

In order to spread this all around, we have to be more active and doing something.

Michael, please give some advices what we can use to reach out more people to introduce this system.

You could print out some small handouts, with the website and directing people to the Videos link on the left hand side of the Ubuntu site. Also just simply asking people: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world without money? Can You imagine it being possible?....Also using the example of what is actually and tangibly necessary to build a house for example? Materials Human Beings, time, energy, labour, what is not tangibly/actually needed is money in any form. If anything money is a huge obstacle that often prevents one from building a house. If there is skepticism you could mention that the UBUNTU PARTY of South Africa IS OFFICIALLY recognized to run in the upcoming Municipal Elections starting in May and lasting till August of 2016. I have experienced an amazing amount of positive response, only a few rejections (one kind of funny one from a bus driver/human being who wouldn't take my handout; he said I don't take anything from PASSENGERS/in a way sad for him that he was unable to perceive me as anything other than a PASSENGER) So I just carried on. One Bus Driver has a hard copy of Michael's Ubuntu book, and three others have a handout I made up, many others too, they are all written in the blank pages at the back of Michaels Book. This book has become a bit like my Ubuntu Journal:))
Monday 15 February 2016, 03:06:56
Monday 15 February 2016, 03:07:36
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