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I don't live to close to this area but I [...]

Hopwood, Pennsylvania
via ESG - United States - washington state
I don't live to close to this area but I would like to join this circle for information on how we can be assistance in helping the change happen. I feel so helpless to do anything. Being an Empath I have a great need to assist and desperate need to connect with people who understand what is happening in this world. Can anyone talk with me? Is there a place where you physically meet or is it only online. I am trying to find groups that meet in person because I believe it is much needed. I feel we need to expand our circles all over the world. So much assistance will be needed and when things go down we need to have a plan. Please can anyone answer. I am searching everywhere!
A good place to start would be in Conscious / awakening groups (Facebook, web, …) and via this group too :)
You’ll feel the good vibes, inside, when someone is “like us”, the energy is noticeable through their writings and then in person. That’s how it happened with me :)

Tuesday 9 February 2016, 17:07:58
Normand R.
Hi Ellen, I hear ya. All my friends but one, and even my wife is unaware of what I am doing, though they can feel I have become a much better person in a short a mount of time (i stopped drinking and spend more time with them)
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 17:24:55
The first step (and to be honest only step) is the change in yourself. Search the internet for what you want to know. For me Bashar is the best information source. Here is something interesting from one of the channellings.…
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 18:20:57
Ellen C
I have listened to many of Bashar's video's. I do like him. He has been the many many many I have searched to find answer's. As I said I am looking for a community where I can have voice to voice or face to face interactions with. But Bashar is VERY helpful as well as "The Law of One" which I've found to resonate with me. Have you listened to those lessons as well? Last year I went through all the Abraham Hicks lessons as well as joined many groups on FB. I have been learning much but as an I/E I find it most helpful to be connected to people on a face to face place. Since being out of practice and in isolation from so much trauma I have seemed to have lost my communication skills with people. While in isolation, as I just stated I joined and paid for many classes with groups that teach much of the same. I learned however a long time ago that when you are given a gift you need to pay it forward for free. So the gifts I have I'd like to offer people without charge. I have never charged for any healing's, readings or help for others ever. I am glad I had learned this lesson. I feel so much better sharing what I know. Recently I had to move into my cousins home after losing so much and having my health compromised. It has been very difficult living here as I find myself back in an unwanted state of isolation.I know no one here. Of course it never stops me from just opening up conversation with people at the store or gas station or at the doctors office. I realized I need some energy healing of my own however, of the physical kind. My cousin is getting hers free by her daughter who is becoming a health coach. She told me she was going to share the experience with me and I just discovered she is in her room taking the coaching call in private. I maybe misunderstood but for me if I was the one getting something like that for free I would have had her sitting right next to me getting as much benefit as possible. Does this sound jealous or poor me? I don't feel that way just a bit confused. I sense selfishness from her. Gosh it is so hard to FEEL and "see" everything all at once. Especially into the hearts and souls of those closest to you. Sometimes what you see is not what shows on the outside. This is where I really need help. I do have a strong ability to forgive. It does come easy. I sometimes search for reasons inside of them for what makes these things happen with them and what I see at times are things I wish I hadn't. It's like eaves dropping on people's minds and it's not pretty. It can be down right frightening in my case. I want to help so bad but learning how to approach people without scaring them or making them feel violated or resentful is one of THE hardest parts. Ok , I've gone on for a long rift here. I apologize. Sometimes I just need to get it out. I may even see a solution 5 minutes from now but I am so very open to advice. Much Love and Light
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 00:37:23
Normand R.
Right on with this video Rob. This new kind of "control" on my destiny is really a stimulation to become who I always wanted to be, I lost lots of bad habits instantly with a strong feeling I will never fall into those again. I'll never look back :)
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 00:40:30
Normand R.
My inspiration for my own change was this video, but it's in my native french language:…
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 00:42:53
Ellen C
Normand this is so cool to here. You should be proud of yourself for being open to things that you've probably known all along but just needed to hear it from others more adept. You listened with your heart and soul and heard the truth. I LOVE hearing the truth...whoever said it sets you free was correct!
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 00:46:29
Can I find it in english somewhere?
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:20:45
Normand R.
Couldn't find an english version unfortunately
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:44:24
I've never listened to any of Abraham Hicks recordings completely, though I've been said that he is worth listening to. Bashar is the easiest for me to digest. I percieve channeller Darryl Anka like an a hard line to the core of the known Universe. Huge eye openers are also those different ones like channelling of a dolphin, channelling another Yahyel representative or in another case a yahyel Space ship which also has conscious. One of the next channelling I want to remind you of is the only 4 laws in Creation.…
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:46:24
Ellen C
Thank you so much Rob!!! I have relistened to Bashaar and I'm glad I did! I owe that to you! NOW I see I did not grasp all that he was saying so after listening to the Ra material I get him 100%! I am going to listen to all Bashars material today.
Friday 12 February 2016, 13:35:27
1 - I'm sure it is not possible to listen to all Bashar messages in a month...;) 2 - What is "Ra metarial"? if it is some sort of shortening I would much apreciate I you would write complete sentences and words for us to understand each other perfectly. (check out Bashar - he is speaking LOUD and CLEAR for everybody to understand him correctly). 3 - You are great! Don't owe anybody anything. Enjoy yourself. <3
Saturday 13 February 2016, 14:19:59
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