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I have just published a book. It is called [...]

Tamborine Mountain, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
I have just published a book. It is called "Final Days of Judgement". It is not a religious book as one might think from the title, rather the title is a play on words. These are not the days when we will be judged, as has been predicted, but rather the final days when we will stop judging others and move into a state of unconditional acceptance of All That Is. The basis of the book is information channeled from the Elohim about 22 years ago which outlines the Universal Laws which will operate when Earth shifts into a higher frequency which is occurring as we let go fear. It took me many years, living in accordance with the laws, to understand their application and effect. The book is about the journey I have taken in order to do this and what I have come to understand as a consequence. Information gained in this way is supported by past life memories that have been accessed through a process I call Stress Defusion. This is a process I have worked with over a 40 year period. It allows people to access the negative subconscious decisions that rule their lives, without them even being aware that they exist. Life changes dramatically when these negative programmes no longer control our lives. My dream is for the information in the book to be understood by a large number of people and for the Laws of Universe, as outlined in the book, to be used as a guildeline for life. They are immensely effective in my experience.
Thanks, Beverly. I shall appreciate anything you have to say here.
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 03:27:45
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