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this shit must stop ! it s time [...]

Wolfenschiessen, Nidwalden
via The Full Circle Project
this shit must stop ! it s time to wake up and take action for a better future !
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 14:55:28
[deleted user]
What shit? Can we articulate what the problem is, and what the action is? This is a place to start. Then, what does a better future look like?
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 16:34:21
lets us start by stop using negative words to express the negativity that we need to stop that in my view is the ONLY starting point, STOP perpetuating negativity!!
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:06:37
[deleted user]
Well said.
Thursday 11 February 2016, 00:52:15
Thursday 11 February 2016, 11:59:06
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