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Eh Yo! Check it out! It's my little blue bird [...]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Eh Yo! Check it out! It's my little blue bird taking a bath in my hands! LoL I just now opened a youtube account just to post this here LOVE You!…
Normand R.
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:09:51
Normand R.

Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:09:52
she must be feeling your love, so much trust <3
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:13:37
She is the cutest thing Ever! I love her So Much. Thanks
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:34:58
Wednesday 10 February 2016, 18:53:27
Adorable :)
Thursday 11 February 2016, 06:14:04
She has a big cage, but the door is never closed. When she goes to bed at around 5pm she flies over to this bamboo tree by my wife's side of the bed. She tucks herself in and thats where she stays until sunrise. Then she flies over our heads and bats us with her wings. She wants us to wake up and pull the blinds so she can see the other birds. I'm not joking she is so smart. Anyway... We Love Her Thank You :)
Thursday 11 February 2016, 18:17:39
Thank You GorillaFly for sharing some of Your Life with Us All,,,Your words too reflect to the awareness and love of your sacred heart space ,,,Well Done Brother ,,,that was beautiful ,,,Fun .
Friday 12 February 2016, 02:09:33
Thank You Very Much Solarone :)
Friday 12 February 2016, 02:15:46
[deleted user]
Awww what a beautiful blue bird she is♥thanks GorillaFly I Love Her too:)
Friday 12 February 2016, 09:24:01
Thank You Nefratete I just now woke up, and she is in the bamboo tree. I went over and pet her head to tell her good morning In about an hour or so she well fly out and demand that I open the blinds so she can see the other birds Then I will feed her and start my day Thank You Love!
Friday 12 February 2016, 12:13:05
[deleted user]
ahww so sweet <3
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 22:17:02
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