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In keeping with what I just posted. I will [...]

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In keeping with what I just posted. I will start with Michael's book UBUNTU-Contributionism: A Blueprint For Human Prosperity.
Page 103

There is however a far more serious side-effect to the bombardment
of fear unleashed on humanity.
Because we watch and absorb the news on a daily basis that
constantly exposes us to every possible dark and negative energy
imaginable, mixed with snippets of light-hearted nonsense, it all sinks
into our subconscious psyche, which becomes our reality and the way
we perceive the world – violent dark and dangerous.
We unknowingly become victims of the Universal Law of
Attraction and start projecting such a reality for ourselves. If you do
not understand these fundamentals of the laws of nature and what we
have learnt from quantum physics in the past 100 years, I urge you to
do some personal research in these areas to confirm what I am sharing
with you here.

We all need to be on the same page to be able to move ahead as
a united community of conscious beings that will not allow dark
or negative energies to drag us into the void of an infinite Zombie
state of mind – the walking dead. In many ways humans have
become unconscious walking biological masses of cells that could
be described as such. Out of touch with the world around us, out
of touch with mother nature, disconnected from our true purpose
as living breathing human beings, and out of touch with the Divine
But we can change all this in a flash. We can use this Law of
Attraction and project a beautiful utopian future for ourselves by
projecting positive thoughts and images of the kind of world we want
to live in – united communities filled with love for everyone, that live
in harmony with everyone and the planet, with absolute abundance in
every area of human endeavour. That is what I project for my world –
I hope you will join me and break the cycle of mind control that keeps
us trapped in servitude by our own doing.

We are all living breathing human beings of infinite soul connected to
the divine creator through the creation itself. Our primary desire is to
page 104
love and to create and this is what we should be doing on this planet
for all of humanity to benefit from.
Every ancient master and teacher told us exactly this – that we
are one with God and that God is within us – and that faith/belief can
move mountains and perform miracles. What they were trying to teach
us is the nature of the Law of Attraction. We all have the power to do
all that, and collectively we can achieve even more.

There is no need to fear anything, as the expression goes, “except
fear itself.” So stop fearing things and live life to the fullest. It is
for these philosophical and spiritual reasons that the UBUNTU
Contributionism movement and the newly formed political UBUNTU
Party does not seek to govern people but rather to empower the people
to govern themselves in united and self sustained communities. No
one homeless – no one hungry; everyone contributing their “labour of
love” for the greater benefit of all in their community.
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