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ALL CALIFORNIANS PLEASE READ!!! Hello to all you truth-ers out [...]

Los Angeles, California
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Hello to all you truth-ers out there! I live in California and am very outraged at the new law SB 277 which has now been signed and will go into effect on 7/1/2016. It states that now it will be absolutely mandatory for ALL parents who live in California to vaccinate their children. The only exception will be home school. THEREFORE, I am looking for like-minded parents in the area who are just as concerned and outraged about this as I am and who wish to form an actual center where we CAN all home school our children. There is such an enormous wealth of information and provable facts about what actually goes into these vaccines and we NEED to take action. So PLEASE contact me if you are interested and I'm sure together we can make this a reality! Remember, this is for our children - In Lak'esh
[deleted user]
Organize yourselves into "home school clubs", where one or more volunteers agree to come together to help educate some number of children. Essentially bring back the one-room school house, and take responsibility back unto yourselves for educating your children. Look into things like the Trivium (…). Mark Passio has some interesting information on this. Bring back art, music, language, and expression. The poison they poor into the little minds of our children in public school is as bad or worse than the poison they pump into their little bodies through the vaccines. Refusing to educate our children is the best thing they could ever "threaten" us with!!! What a blessing in disguise! DO NOT VACCINATE! Also, Arion, you may want to keep these posts focused in the California circle, if there isn't one, start one!
Thursday 11 February 2016, 18:02:26
Left brain indoctranation they are literaly brain damaging the children
Thursday 11 February 2016, 18:53:09
Penny F
Saturday 9 April 2016, 18:12:24
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