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If you live in Ecuador or Colombia and are interested [...]

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If you live in Ecuador or Colombia and are interested in getting involved in F.E workshops, please contact me and message me here or at I am currently training at the Keshe Spaceship Institute.

FREE ENERGY IS AT A BREAKTHROUGH FROM HERE ON Many people that have been following developments in the Free Energy movement will know that there are a plethora of Free Energy devices that work, the list of ways to create Over Unity (Free Energy) is booming as we experience a renaissance in technological developments from creating alternative energy devices in nano technology, magnetism, leverage, water fuel cells or plasma science.

The problem is not how to create electrical energy, energy exists in the Aether, all around us, the problem is how to make these devices available on the public market, so much violent resistance is usually met by inventors from Oil Barons and Energy Monopoly Companies.

The elite control global oil companies and gain a profit of 100 million dollars per hour everyday of every week, every week of every year, extracting oil from the deep ocean or from beneath the rain forests resulting in destruction of the Amazon, causing countless oil spills and environmental disasters on an ecocidal scale. While this continues, so does the repression of every other form of technology available that could free humanity from the current destructive paradigm we do not consent to.

Alternative energy devices are met with a steel wall of resistance by governments and corporations. It has taken people risking their lives to break the cycle of vehement repression of stopping alternative energy devices becoming available to humanity and 180 years of endured repression. This repression has been via control of patents or via means of the Energy Cabal buying alternative energy devices and blueprints from inventors or by murdering inventors, such as was the demise of Eugene Mallove and Stanley Meyers. Passive repressive action is by means of the government ignoring these inventions and repression of their coverage on mainstream media or on the public energy market.

However, through a combination of a modern technological renaissance, human consciousness shifting and the alternative media becoming more popular than mainstream media, we are presently witnessing continual breakthroughs with alternative energy devices being made more freely available to the general public.…
[deleted user]
Given that this information will not be allowed to see light of day for so long as the energy cartels control the flow of information through patent suppression and economic warfare, it seems the best way for this type of technology to come about is at the grass roots level by sharing your ideas openly. I have 30+ years of experience in various engineering disciplines, including software development. I have been involved with and seen the benefits first hand that open source can bring to the developers as well as the users. Everybody benefits from the open exchange of ideas, and releasing the fear that comes from sequestering ideas for a profit-motive. The dividends that come back are many fold, while allowing commercial development to continue in the forms of commercial licensing arrangements and consulting. If you would like to learn more about what open source really means, rather than the misguided ideas most have about it, please feel free to contact me for more information. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, this technology is long past overdue!
Thursday 11 February 2016, 23:32:30
irelands peace keeper
Hi evolve to ecology, you say you are training at keshes institute, where and what do you feel about it
Friday 12 February 2016, 20:47:06
Evolve to Ecology
I can only say with the testimonials and thousands of folks that have made devices that are working, including folks down in Peru, so far so good, but I have not finished making my own device yet due to access to certain materials being an issue in my area, but going by other students and testimonials, it seems to be working but I will let you know how it goes with my device.
Saturday 27 February 2016, 17:58:27
Evolve to Ecology… For those that keep slandering Keshe because of stuff they read on Peswiki, its actually Sterling Allen (founder of Peswiki-Free Energy website) that is the dark one here, he has been slandering Keshe because the Keshe Foudation banned Sterling Allen and his buddies from going anywhere near the Foundation, because Allen is connected to an elite child abuse ring----
´´We are told that Allen became increasingly unstable as his own feelings of guilt and his own public confessions of child sex crimes were inadequate to bring about his own arrest, an arrest he openly asked for time and time again.

Allen, who using his computer skills helped fellow pedophiles scour the internet for vulnerable children. Sources in the White House confirm that immediately prior to his flight to Texas, ostensibly for a hunting trip with 35 “close friends,” many of whom are members of the highly secret Order of Saint Hubertus. As is being reported, initially in the Washington Post with broader allegations made on the InfoWars website, tying the Hubertus Order to Bohemian Grove antics, long subject to speculation in the alternative media.

We became aware of the case in August 2015 when we were shown correspondence between Allen and representatives of the Keshe Foundation. Allen ran several popular websites on alternative energy and was a popular speaker, often appearing on the Coast to Coast radio show with Detroit native, George Noory.

Increasingly it became obvious that Allen had been using these venues for sexual trafficking of children. It wasn’t hard to figure out, he did it openly spoke of it constantly (as seen in the YouTube above) and lived as though he were above the law. Over the next few months, particularly when confronted by Iranian born physicist MT Keshe, who ordered Allen and those around him banned from all Keshe forums, Allen openly flaunted his criminal activities.

What made this particularly insidious is that it was obvious not only that Allen was not acting alone but that he had broad support not only in his home state of Utah, where he was able to avoid prosecution, but in Belgium as well. There, Allen and associates Hans Bracquene, Dirk Laureyssens and Ad Van den Elshout moved against the Keshe group, securing against Keshe’s wishes technologies with defense related applications and passing them on to MI 5 in Britain.

When Keshe moved against this group and tried to secure his patents, he found himself being chased down the highway, shots fired, his car run off the road. Police arrested and soon “misplaced” the culprits, and soon thereafter, representatives of Belgium’s “royals” told Keshe to leave Belgium or be buried there. On the European end of the FBI investigation, the trail, all of which is easily followed by the “breadcrumbs” Stirling David Allen has left, leads to the highest and most powerful of the scientific communities where blackmail, kidnapping and torture, threats against families and in particular, threats against children, have placed members of secret societies in positions of power at universities, think tanks, police and counter-terrorism agencies and even the European Space
Sunday 28 February 2016, 01:35:41
could it be a good idea to join the Ubuntu circles and see if more people want to start going in this direction of FE? all of this need a lot more people to really start something. here theres only 2 members...
do you know about Ubuntu Planet?
Tuesday 4 April 2017, 12:45:16
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