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Id love to attend the Milton Keynes event, is there [...]

Ramsey, Cambridgeshire
via FCP - United Kingdom - Midlands UK
Id love to attend the Milton Keynes event, is there any more info?
Im new to full circle x
Welcome, Roo. We had a first meet up a few weeks ago (4 of us) and basically chatted and had the chance to introduce ourselves! It currently appears that there are a few more likely to attend this weekend. As I said on the event page, at this stage, it's difficult to have an agenda, but maybe thru introductions, folk can see if there are any shared interests and we can share any ideas that we think are worth considering for acting upon. These things could then form a future agenda or folk can split off and work on different ideas etc.
Friday 12 February 2016, 22:25:42
It's interesting, and difficult, because there is so much to discuss and so many areas of interest, and so many of them linked one way or the other. Personally, I think it takes some patience and genuinely wanting to hear what everyone has to say. The meet up is in Northampton.
Friday 12 February 2016, 22:29:04
[deleted user]
Hey Roo welcome to FCP. The next meeting is set up and is on the events page. I think were still deciding on the location. If you need any help with transport just let me know. Carla
Tuesday 23 February 2016, 20:05:37
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