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Hey everyone wondering if anyone on here is going through what [...]

Phoenix, Arizona
via The Full Circle Project
Hey everyone
wondering if anyone on here is going through what I am?
Ive had this gnawing feeling deep down for awhile now.
Its surfacing now and its the feeling like ive done this before
I feel like ive become awakened before somewhere in sometime and I have frantically tried to tell people what is hapeneing to save our lives but they dont get it! They just dont get it. Anyway the feeling is very deep. ANYONE? Thanks for reading
[deleted user]
I think a lot of us probably have this feeling. Perhaps you're having a memory of something that has happened in your younger years, or even before birth, in another life. Can you follow the feeling to see where it is coming from? Meditation could be able to help you track this down. Do you meditate, or have any kind of practice that you can do?
Saturday 13 February 2016, 04:52:30
[deleted user]
hmm i really appreciate that, i hadnt thought of following it. I will follow it. I think ive always had it my whole life was born with it. but its coming up now. its so deep down,
Thank you friend.
Saturday 13 February 2016, 05:00:31
[deleted user]
I always knew this would happen," this awakening" we are collectively all having
Saturday 13 February 2016, 05:01:56
[deleted user]
It's beautiful, isn't it? Baby steps. Peace.
Saturday 13 February 2016, 05:07:58
[deleted user]
yes it is friend
Saturday 13 February 2016, 05:13:04
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