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I'm not going to go into much detail here because [...]

Concord, New South Wales
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I'm not going to go into much detail here because it becomes about where do I start & where do I finish & the way it is, is that we are all at different angles of the same point we are achieving to get at even if we can not see it at the place we may be at now. In a nutshell we are all pointing in the same direction just coming from different points of view or levels of understanding but there is one thing I am sure to be able to say on here without getting my head cut off & that is ... we know things aren't right & the way they could / should be. That all I'm going to say for now other than take a look at this & take it from there. (source) (source)
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Thanks for posting.
Interesting. This isn't the first trust set up as such, the Cestra Que Trust created in the STATEs in the 30s is another. Problem is accessing it. The CORPORATION holds all the funds and feel the $ is theirs. I am trying, through the courts, to get at any of my various accounts, problem is the courts are owned by the same CORPORATION I'm trying to get my $ out of. Looking for a judge to fulfill his primary duty as a human being, in his official capacity of judge. So far I'm at the Chief Administrative Judge and no one has been willing yet...
Thursday 16 July 2015, 11:11:54
Michael Gagliano
yes Amanda you don't need to say another word. GSE is gifting your birthright Inheritance & offering to pay off all global debts. This may be what you may now to learn more about. The Corporation is dead, always was (Corpse) always will be. M1 is returning what is rightfully every bodies in a way to keep the peace & return this planet to Universal / Common Law. Keep an eye on this as the 17th August 2015 is a historical day in the making. you may want to take a closer look at this
Thursday 16 July 2015, 11:34:36
I only follow Natural Law(Universal/Common) but it is the employees of the CORPORATE STATE that, through an assumed contract with my fictitious legal entity, bind me to their CORPORATE bylaws, and presto, I'm in handcuffs and being"charged" and fighting it in court as contract fraud. So it is lovely to think the CORPORATION is dead, but the humans that enact the will of the profiteers of that CORPORATION are very much alive and restricting my life. Fact(for me) is what is witnessed by me, in my sphere of reality. Everything else is conjecture and hearsay , so I respectfully rebut your theory. I hopefully look for and await any positive changing, so please keep us updated here about Aug 19th- Peace and Love-Amanda
Friday 17 July 2015, 11:38:46
Michael Gagliano
Amanda I didn't mean to offend your high level of understanding the status quo, yes gov's of the world are foreclosed but they are still up to there games & obviously in that sense nothing has changed so to speak but it also has & like the system was set up to be as a convoluted mess of bs the reality for many still is that it looks like nothing has changed but it's all about knowing what counter game to play & act which is not an easy thing to grasp, understand, obtain information etc. The interim period I believe will make the waters even muddier as truth clouds our conditioning & we learn to unlearn the old & process the new but I do understand the end picture / foundation of a new era on data availability based in truth with legal jargon assessable to all without prejudice. there is a long way to go but the change is like light & when you understand how light propagates but understands that this light / energy / consciousness / data has been usurped, then you may understand that as it arrives to our core as understanding of what is the floodgates will open on their own & the process will be nearly autonomous. It's up to us to dig deep & question everything. Peace Love Prosperity

Sunday 19 July 2015, 13:14:59
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