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The time has come for concerned citizens all over the [...]

Colombo, Western Province
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The time has come for concerned citizens all over the world to come together, to take innovative and unified action for a sustainable and healthy future, that is rooted in kindness and compassion for one another, our fellow creatures and our Mother Earth.
Here, in Sri Lanka, progressive officials, movement leaders, public figures and grassroots organisations are all stepping up to help this beautiful island and our diverse population become a world pioneer for this timely and transformational initiative.
7 Days of Rest offers each and all of us the opportunity to engage in healing and collaborative actions towards intercultural harmony and preserving and replenishing the natural beauty and health of our land, biodiversity, waters, air and food.
Next week there will be a press conference with public figures endorsing the event and the following sunday it will appear in the national newspapers. Here's the National Program that we hope you will all feel inspired to support and co-create!
All country-wide events will be launched from the Viharamahadevi Park in Colombo on January 1, 2018 with a ceremony that will be live-streamed around the world.
January 1st - Kindness and Compassion Day
This day is dedicated to inter-spiritual and intercultural healing, harmony and mutual respect. At 4:00 pm we will participate in a nationwide, synchronised interspiritual meditation/prayer at Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo for unification, healing and compassion.
January 2nd - Clean Up and Zero-Waste Day
Starting at 8:30 am we will clean up all waste from our streets, parks and villages, and minimise all waste production throughout the day.
January 3rd - Tree Planting Day
Let every Sri Lankan plant one tree on this day. Together we can plant 20 million trees in one day!
January 4th - Screen-Free Day
Let us enjoy this day with family and friends without the distraction of television, tablets and social media.
January 5th - Poverty Alleviation and Generosity Day
On this day we take action to bridge and heal our economic divides by sharing our resources and ideas to address man-made poverty.
January 6th - Health and Bicycle Day
Let your car have a day of rest too! On all continents bicycles are becoming a popular answer to lowering carbon emissions, getting healthy and especially easing traffic congestion.
January 7th - Culture and Holistic Education Day
We shall celebrate the final day with music, poetry, art, film and share global and local solutions which promote a healthy future for all.…
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