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I have dreamed for many years of the ideas that [...]


Fresno, California
via Ubuntu Planet
I have dreamed for many years of the ideas that Michael has presented I share very similar beliefs and I wish with all my heart that it could be so in the states but I am met with opposition at every turn I feel forced to compromise my morals and beliefs in order to survive and it breaks my heart and wears me down I feel very alone, I have traveled the world and seem to find like minded people but unfortunately they are not the loudest ones it saddens me and I wish I could do more to change this
May I suggest that you have a look and listen to Geoff By
rd/Radio Mysterium his music, videos and messages and also Zen Gardner…

Fly Free, Cosmic Apology, The Gift of Depression, Making Orgonite To Silver Plated,……
Sunday 14 February 2016, 18:11:49
Im on the same page, and i thought us Californians welcomed new ideas! I do not let it wear me down though
Thursday 18 February 2016, 18:48:33
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