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It seems that Galactic wars have started or could be [...]

League City, Texas
via Prepare For Change
It seems that Galactic wars have started or could be newest space technologies happening, but to all light workers we should all try our best to dissolve the darkness, for there is a major battle happening right now! But this started... 11/22/17 yesterday...
Could be direct energy weapons from dark forces, but either way we can disolve this darkness.
Thursday 23 November 2017, 23:11:01
I feel major wars are happening as of now, but I'm not to sure if I'm the only one experiencing the energies or not, but stay focused brothers and sisters.
Thursday 23 November 2017, 23:12:44
What can I do to help dissolve the darkness. Im new to this, so please let me know.
Monday 22 January 2018, 17:01:55
Much meditation my friend, and telling as many as possible to help this world, only and mainly those who seem interested, but with what we are we cannot just tell anyone, we have to use a series of words, like root words as: hello how are you? nice day today isn't it? then strike up conversation on things happening in the world like: if they say oh well I am doing well today how about yourself? that is when you or whoever else is helping in our process, we say well I have been doing a lot of research on things happening in the world today and there is so much going on, that's when if they are interested they will strike conversation back and that's when we can tell them about the global good society we are with, it is sorta like reverse psychology but for a good purpose only.

So this would be some great ways to help my friend, if you need further assistance let me know in my inbox thank you.
Saturday 27 January 2018, 09:52:29
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