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Hi! I'm in the New Forest. There is a cross [...]

East End, Hampshire
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Hi! I'm in the New Forest. There is a cross over between Ubuntu and the Transition movement which I am also part of. Any plans for Michael to come to UK? Maybe we could co host an event..
He's planning on doing an event over here on the 7th of April.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 08:29:04
oooh WHERE? DO WE KNOW YET? I am here in Edinburgh Scotland.... cant wait to get started!! :)
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 18:43:13
I believe it is in London on the 9th of April between 12 noon and 4pm, not very central, but would be well worth the journey! I will find the full details and post it on the uk circle!
Friday 18 March 2016, 08:28:13
Jessica S
Saturday 19 March 2016, 11:21:25
United Kingdom Saturday 9 April - 12 noon - 4pm. St Peter's Church, 310 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY. The nearest station is Vauxhall.
Sunday 20 March 2016, 14:06:13
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