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I am homeschooling my grandson. He had an idea to [...]

West Falls, New York
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I am homeschooling my grandson. He had an idea to start his own country which would not be governed the way we are currently being governed. He wants freedom from slavery. We looked into Ubuntu and realized that this community reflects the ideas he has about a free community. Although I am currently looking at this as an educator, we would love to see such a community started in our area.
Hi Cindy! Welcome to both you and your grandson to Ubuntu! Its great that even though he's still at the age to be in education he is advanced enough to already understand and conceive of a society that's already governed better than our current system. Clearly the home schooling is working!
Friday 1 December 2017, 00:03:58
this is exciting- it shows me that there is so much to be grateful for that's going on around us, more and more i notice is real authentic HUmans showing them selves as acting and making decisions from the heart! keep going and connections will come who resonate to a similar or like tune/tone/song/drumbeat- the possibilities are endless!
Friday 1 December 2017, 16:00:31
So true SWeet16!
I think we are constantly bombarded with negative news about the world and the people in it. You only have to watch the News for 5 minutes before you feel utterly hopeless and depressed.
Groups like this are so essential because it helps remind us that we are not all corporate sociopaths hell bent on furthering our own position.
Such an amazing true community here. We are all from different parts of the globe and different walks of life and it literally couldn't matter any less.
Just good hearted people wanting to come together to protect not only our planet to create a better world for our future generations
Saturday 2 December 2017, 02:30:38
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