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I'm tired of taxation/regulation local, state, and national. I'm totally [...]

Butler, Pennsylvania
via The Full Circle Project
I'm tired of taxation/regulation local, state, and national. I'm totally tired of quashing of alternative cures to cancer and other rampant disease. I'm tire of general apathy to these and so many other issues. The vast majority of people won't take the time to even consider thoughts/ideas/concepts. I'm no genius, but I'm kinda lonely here.
Laura T
You are not alone.
Sunday 14 February 2016, 23:29:07
[deleted user]
HI! Welcome to this site, good for you. Your not alone here
Sunday 14 February 2016, 23:30:01
[deleted user]
But you are a genius! Don't sell yourself short. Don't worry about the "vast majority", find your tribe, oh wait, you just did. Welcome!
Sunday 14 February 2016, 23:36:14
You`re not alone Chris.,many here could`ve written the same post.....Together we are a diverse genius...Welcome aboard!
Monday 15 February 2016, 00:34:03
Daniel H
There are more like you than you know. Nearby as well.
Monday 15 February 2016, 01:09:03
We are weeds and trees growing in the cracks in the pavement of the Old World Order.
Monday 15 February 2016, 01:11:33
Rick, Volunteer of America
True enough! "...there are more here with us than those who are against us. . The " unaffiliated", although a major part of our problem, in this case don't "count", YET.
Sunday 21 February 2016, 16:53:08
Rick, Volunteer of America
Did you know that Max Igan is a speaker at the "Free Your Mind" conference in Philly this mid-April? Lot's of "us", including Max and many others, are going to be there. In Person! :)
Sunday 21 February 2016, 16:55:48
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