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A survey of any group of people will show up [...]

Wallsend, New South Wales
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A survey of any group of people will show up in a bell curve of altruistic, empathisers at one end, and the completely self centred at the other, unable to empathise. In the small groupings that people once formed, the empathising would have given the group its cohesion and the self-centred, those without or of a weaker "conscience", its protection. These people would use brute force and without compunction. Both elements are a matter of survival. It is very unlikely anyone would swap allegiance to another grouping in that era of old. This make-up continues in the modern state, the modern form of tribalism, and it would seem that the prevailing use of power of those who cannot empathise or to a lesser extent holds sway, even with their own people. a true position is that no matter how startling a person's "success" it can never be divorced from the collective, a ruction which seems to be more accepted. Research indicates that the prevalent effect of individuals who become wealthy is to weaken the nervous system that founds empathy. For this reason I am very suspicious of people who are anti 'socialism", if all that word means is the form of the modern day collective, which seems to be at risk.
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I have to disagree with your basic premises. The mindless altruist monkey is not the one who gives society it's cohesion, women do that. The mothers keep the family together, they impart most of the values to their children, as do the elders. As people age, women and men change, and it's the grandfathers who come more into touch with their nurturing side, and with more free time on their hands, also spend a great deal of time with the children. What you teach your children shapes your culture, not altruism. Look it up, plenty of studies have been done on this, if you trust studies. The ego monkey makes society the worst off, but mindless altruist monkey makes society the second worst off. (…) The majority of those in the middle of your bell curve, those who realize that they have to look out for themselves, because if they're not well taken care of, then they are unable to help anybody else, and do, are the healthiest. It's not fair to yourself to delegate authority and responsibility for yourself to others, it's not fair to the others either. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, and together we'll be free of lice and fleas. Tribalism is barbarism, and I'm very suspicious of anyone who espouses make believe collectivist ideals and promotes socialism as some sort of utopia when every single living example of this dogma has proven disastrous to those who practice it. If you hate the rich, and want to eat them, why don't you go to Papua New Guinea and join the cannibals in the jungle and see how long a soft, tasty little morsel like you lasts? I hear altruists are delicious with a little gravy! I'm kidding of course. The problem is not "success", but how you achieved that success. Did you bring value to another human being, make them so overwhelmingly satisfied with their experience with you that they felt compelled to give you something in exchange, maybe even, *gasp*, money? Or did you rape, rob, murder, and plunder your way to "success" and riches? Too often throughout our history of experimentation with "isms" they have been used as a weapon to achieve success for a few select people in this latter way. What we have going on in the world today is a multi-faceted war between oligarchs, monarchies, and religious zealots, all vying for control of the masses and their creative capacity. We are living in a farm, being milked, harvested, and culled as the farmers see fit, not abused by some "rich" bastard who dared to bring value to the world. Can you empathize with that? How about this?…
Monday 15 February 2016, 16:43:44
Nice reply Hits the Mark Cheers
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 11:06:02
Brilliant analysis!
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 11:50:30
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