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Any advice on ridding myself of having to pay self [...]

Exeter, Devon
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Any advice on ridding myself of having to pay self employed national insurance contributions in the UK and getting them off my back.? Thanks x
I don't pay any tax- it all goes to funding the greedy ones. Anything from the IRS I send back "return to sender, no such person lives here" As a "person" is a CORPORATE entity it has no life and cannot live anywhere. After a couple of tries they stop sending their letters, and no. no one in pointy shoes has ever come to investigate. Best wishes-Amanda
Sunday 19 July 2015, 10:50:16
good to hear you do this, i am aware of the technique but i have not tried it. i do not want to pay tax whilst it is being spent on weapons and prpaganda and unjust destruction. I will give it a go. thank you
Sunday 19 July 2015, 19:45:44
one under god [on strike/on point]
it is a little known thing..[but under the terms of bank-ruptcy..[when the bankers stole the treasury the federal resrtves and the money prinbting machinery and money creation mechanisms from govt by wanting full payment of the govt promises via war bonds..that a mechanism had to be installed for lawfull payment of debt..[that lawfull means lies in recogization of what is the value..when our money today is only paper [valueless paper..never the less if you think the debt is fair..insert upon the invoice the words in red RECOGNISED FOR VALUE..[or r4v] I permit this remittance to be monetised via the treasury mechanisms and the boe..if in any doubt just sign the thing and send inquiries to me I will explain it to them....failing that I will pay them in wikiseed..which I notified the queen of in 1996..via the consulate in Canberra ..please do not sign r4v if you think the debt is fraud..or will be used to support war or banking cartels..they have their own systems
Wednesday 22 July 2015, 01:24:41
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