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Right. For every newcomer I want an opinion. Generators such [...]

Runcorn, Halton
via Ubuntu - United Kingdom
Right. For every newcomer I want an opinion. Generators such as these are plausible and applicable but as I am not technically a qualified scientist I have no grounds to stand on for this. Could anybody local to myself help out building this?…
Becca Boris
I found this interesting...…
Monday 15 February 2016, 13:46:51
Ok I'm not local but I could probably help to build one, we can use hermes for the moment! So how to build something without the costs, I suggest we collect as many drawing designs of the net as possible, I'm sure there are loads of members with lots of ideas too, lets see what happens.
Monday 15 February 2016, 15:30:02
Octavio S
Thank you so much Becca!
Monday 15 February 2016, 16:54:40
Monday 15 February 2016, 18:04:58
Becca Boris
No problem! I saw that vid ages ago however have not found any means of putting to practises myself!! Certain type of washer needed I believe! Lots more on magnetic "zero point" energy devices on youtube, and pyramids... copper I believe.
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:26:17
Becca Boris
Here's another that uses a similar concept, then switches from mains to self propulsion after it has generated some charge..
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:31:14
Joseph King
Brilliant this guys! I've learned that the materials must coincide with the law of squares, this helps illustrate the proportions of materials needed.
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 17:51:56
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 17:51:56
Becca Boris
Awesome - glad to have helped. If you discover a way to hooking something like this up to your home and bypassing the mains to gain free energy for your household - let me know!
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 09:11:17
I have tesla generator plans to build a generator that provides 30kw of power (I assume per day, as I am still hunting for some help in building mine) if you want a copy of the plans let me know and I'll email them over!
Thursday 18 February 2016, 08:26:53
Becca Boris
Tesla's the man! If you are happy to email them over - I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer I could get to give me some advise. I am totally not mechanical or electrically minded, but will try my hand at anything if given some instruction! my contact email I believe is linked
on my profile?
Thursday 18 February 2016, 10:18:25
Becca Boris
Ha=ve you seen other forma of energy, such as the solar "hot air con" ideas around?…
Thursday 18 February 2016, 11:10:51
Thursday 18 February 2016, 11:15:20
Joseph King
Robyn, I would love a set of those plans sent to . Becca, I'd love to hear from your mechanical friend, any way we can get a 3 way conversation going via email or facebook?
Thursday 18 February 2016, 14:26:37
Becca Boris
I will see if he is able to help - I'll put it to him. He may not have the skills for it (however he is an electrical engineer so knows FAR more than I do!) but Im sure would be up for having a look and a play with some ideas. I do have another friend that is engineery - he used to make bombs (you know what teen boys are like) and chop motorbikes down the park when he was a kid. He travels the UK fixing machinery... Maybe he would be interested too, - I'll send them a message and get back to you - they may not have the time/inclination.... have a great friday!
Friday 19 February 2016, 08:08:28
Friday 19 February 2016, 08:48:12
Becca Boris
I have had a reply from Chris - who is one of the guys I was thinking of, I have directed him to your facebook page, and also added you myself :)
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:16:37
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:21:12
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:28:53
Wow that was interesting, cheers
Friday 19 February 2016, 17:46:17
What happened to this? this was in 2012 :s
Sunday 28 February 2016, 14:54:10
Joseph King
there have been inventions like this since the 19th century Pedro. unfortunately none of them ever made the mainstream.
Tuesday 1 March 2016, 15:22:10
what?? dam so much interests around the money that this is all put away
Tuesday 1 March 2016, 19:30:09
Becca Boris
The corporations don't want to lose our money!!!
Sunday 6 March 2016, 10:15:45
well i say fuck them, when i get my own house i will start
looking in to it
Sunday 6 March 2016, 14:02:59
Neil Warren
See Steed and more recent additions on: Steed
Monday 14 March 2016, 20:30:02
61 miles away
Hello beautiful people,
I'm an electrical / electronics engineer from Kent, I have received some plans for a cold electricity generator (over unity), i can build the bulk of it but I require a flywheel made from aluminium with slots for magnets (3 slots around the circumference), i can CAD draft it but would need the use of a laser cutter?

I would love to here from anyone that might be able to help.

Peace love
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 14:24:54
Wow, that video was amazing. One of the many free energy inventions created but kept from the world. If we develop our skills, we can create one too.
Friday 8 July 2016, 13:42:08
Neil Warren
I understand, from Andrew Johnson directly, that the Tritium residue at 9-11 / WTC is typical of cold fusion, which True-Truth was also debunked and sidelined by a "Doctor" Steven E Jones. "Industrial scale" that might therefore be the way, and thus (if anyone still has a fa£$€book presence) the suggestion / offer that we can get behind this:

It's been studied, it's been verified, it's been published and now it's been turned into a documentary series. Irrefutable proof of Free-Energy Technology on this planet. If you want to be effective within ANY of the major humanitarian causes:

- environment
- rights and freedoms
- world peace
- terrorism
- fuel, water or food security

Wednesday 3 August 2016, 13:07:14
Neil Warren
Also the first overview / intro YouTube pops up on fb if you can only or do type FREEENERGYEXISTS.COM

And I continue to track whatever and whoever I can regarding "domestic" generators, with a 20KwH over-unity thing at solid / working prototype stage but, as with "the $-cost-£" of neodymium on Searle, I doubt that ANY version is coming into general use as long as the Money+Hierarchy System is still doing its very, very ugly death dance.
Wednesday 3 August 2016, 13:11:51
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