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Love the new Web site Michael. I am new [...]

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
via Ubuntu Planet
Love the new Web site Michael. I am new to Ubuntu Planet, but I have been searching for along time to find like-minded people who searching for the truth. I'm also an admirer of Zecharia Sitchin. He also started me on my quest to find the truth. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to live in Southern Africa and be able to see Adam's Calendar and the Circles of Stones.
And of course to participate in the Ubuntu Community. I will spread the word and share your books and e-books with a s many people as I can. Good luck with the elections.

[deleted user]
Hi Teresa, if you like Zecharia Stitchin you might like Barbara Marciniak to…
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 11:40:47
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