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Hi...Thanks for getting something happening. I'm keen. [...]

Eumundi, Queensland
via FCP - Australia - Coolum - Sunshine Coast
Hi...Thanks for getting something happening. I'm keen.
Welcome Kerry I see your a freelancer. one idea I had was to interview all the candidates for the upcoming local elections on the issues we all address here. Even if nothing comes of it we have planted a seed in all of them. Best outcome would be a hard hitting article published in local news. what do you think?
Monday 15 February 2016, 22:49:47
Kerry H
Freelancer - Yes, I'm a little sparse on words in my profile. It seems like an apt description of me. Perhaps fringe-dweller works there too. About issues particular to this area...Environment, economy, population, social health - inextricably bound. I always end up pulling out the population issue. I'm predicting that we're in for a wave of cashed-up refugees fleeing from northern hemisphere in the near future which will surge population, property values, demands for infrastructure and pressures on social systems and thus environmental impact. I haven't heard a politician articulate anything about population increase beyond crowing about the benefits of growth to the economy and jobs. Environmental policy is linked to UN agenda and once that policy is set and the buzzwords sufficiently seems pollies get a chance to dodge that bullet.
A few years ago, I contacted Warren Truss regarding the chemtrail issue. I was told that it was probably just the council spraying for mosquitoes. He clearly was not interested in pursuing it...and I didn't hear any thing more from him, despite my best efforts to keep the conversation alive.
Monday 15 February 2016, 23:24:31
I think youre right about the population prediction. The chinese have just purchased our local shopping precinct in Coolum. It is not too far fetched to see it staffed completely by immigrants working for third world wages under the freshly signed TPP agreement. Educated middle class is the primary target of the cabal. oh maybe someone should tell warren council doesnt spray mosquitoes from 20000 feet in white unmarked boing jets
Monday 15 February 2016, 23:40:05
Kerry H
I did tell him that and that in fact mosquitoes don't care to live in the upper atmosphere...silence was the stern reply...I'm just a loony. And the TPP has all sorts of impacts as yet only half imagined. Foreign "ownership" of a transient almost
slave workforce...floating in and out over national boundaries...working for low wages under dubious WHS practices and mucking in to make possible those things that locals protested about...working at nuclear waste plants for instance. There are already communities of workers on or near the Coast (Caboolture for one) that keep strictly to themselves, speak only their own language and do not care to communicate with any outsiders. They are putting in place their own communities and growing them larger. Where's that going?
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:15:20
I did not know what Carey!
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:43:27
I wonder if we can do something like this…
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:45:35
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 00:45:36
Kerry H
Great video Vanesse ...My synopsis of it...Define what is wanted, define what is unwanted, define our rights.... Write a law to ban the unwanted because it infringes basic rights.
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 01:04:40
yes! Indeed! Now this is in the USA so do you thin it would work here....we need someone with some legal chops : )
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 01:06:35
All money based 'governments' work under the same corporate 'law' structure.
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 11:50:54
looks very interesting vanese they cant deny their own laws but they can change them. whether it applies to Aus constitution is big question and that they cannot change practically. legal guru would be handy.
Tuesday 16 February 2016, 19:48:40
If we grow our group we may be able to find one! I had a friend on FB who seemed to know al ot about this..I think he may have defriended me LOL but I will see if I can track him down!
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 02:54:12
No Constitutions anymore, don't bother trying it as an argument in court= it's all about the CORPORATE entities, PROFIT, not human rights.
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 10:26:51
I here you Amanda : ) hey join the circle when you ahve a hcance..I put a video in there with Max where he has a GREAT solution
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 20:52:20
have a chance
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 20:52:43
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