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The mainstream media, pharmaceutical companies, Wikipedia and many other silent [...]

Waratah West, New South Wales
via The Full Circle Project
The mainstream media, pharmaceutical companies, Wikipedia and many other silent interests behind the scenes have been using this tactic for decades to manipulate, obfuscate, and distort truth and reality.…

In this revealing Ted Talk, Sharyll Attkinson gives credible examples of how some of these major info-dissemblers try and compel public opinion towards a nefarious agenda, that agenda is usually financially driven (to increase sales), health driven (to get us to buy into mythical public health lies) and division (to deliberately and globally cause a divide).

In one example, Sharyl cites the author Philip Roth who noticed some things wrong with the information Wikipedia had published about him. When he tried to amend the data on Wikipedia, the info kept reverting back to mistruths and lies, even after several attempts by Mr Roth to change it. He eventually tracked down a person at Wikipedia who told him that it kept reverting back to what they had originally published because he, (Philip) was not a credible source of information about himself. I know right!!!

Anyway, have a listen and enjoy, and please be information wise when listening or readings public media reports or stories, or Wikipedia, always look for the agenda behind them, who gains financially and from a point of power.

Cheers and much love
Craig DG
The only things I believe as true are through direct personal experience, everything else goes into the 'could be' pile. Can't imagine why anyone would care what someone else might think as it is all opinion, and we all have one- ours
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 10:54:37
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