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What can I do to be proactive about change? [...]

Carson City, Nevada
via The Full Circle Project
What can I do to be proactive about change?
Jim T
by being the loving person you want to see in others
Tuesday 21 July 2015, 12:08:03
one under god [on strike/on point]
hi martin..[and jim] be pro-active needs you to be active doing something that needs /feeds your its as easy as seeing a job that needs doing and doing it..[then getting payment for doing it [and that's where I come in..i issue the credit for the stuff you do that gives your soul credit..not jkust you of course but jim and everyone here..put your plan in and I will finance it..once I notice it..or maybe timm can help once we sign treaty..but him or me putting out the offer and then accepting it via repltying the offer..[like to both of you I just made the offer what is yours?..teaty the highest law..signed by oug
Tuesday 21 July 2015, 23:44:10
Lead by example brother. Contact me if you are free August 14th.
Thursday 6 August 2015, 11:12:01
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