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Only new to this beautiful concept and I am a [...]

Portarlington, County Laois
via Ubuntu - United Kingdom - Kent
Only new to this beautiful concept and I am a bit lost, also there doesn't seem to be anyone e!se in Ireland !! So I hope you don't mind me joining your group
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 23:19:52
I guess the best thing to do is to spread the word throw ireland
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 23:20:10
Cheers Moll. Welcome
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 23:20:55
Hello Moll, I'm new to this too, only just finding my feet, thought i would set up a Kent circle as no one else here had but i'm no expert to this networking thing, i don't even have FB (yuck), you are more than welcome here my friend, and yeah its a very beautiful thing, more people MORE POWER.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 00:27:02
I'm in Ireland
Thursday 18 February 2016, 18:55:15
My nan was irish, ha ha, so their's the connection to this circle.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 19:44:39
My nan was Irish - can I join too please? I will create a local group to me too hopefully.
Thursday 25 February 2016, 10:54:16
Your all more than welcome! We all Unite as one!
Saturday 27 February 2016, 11:26:34
The more the merrier, please do truthseeker.
Saturday 27 February 2016, 16:49:55
Penelope Heaven
Group Hugs to you
Monday 11 April 2016, 11:51:04
[deleted user]
Welcome Moll!
Friday 29 April 2016, 13:48:27
I'm based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Contact me
Monday 7 November 2016, 20:15:27
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