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Hey all, I'll take a moment to do as Wakinyan suggests. Quick [...]

Hillsboro, Oregon
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Hey all,

I'll take a moment to do as Wakinyan suggests.

Quick intro, I'm new to Full Circle.

My name is Brad and I'm an engineer living 20 miles outside of Portland, OR. I have property, am working hard to get out of debt, believe strongly in permaculture as a solution to many of the problems of life.

Some other viewpoints and interests for changing local politics ----

Common core education standards, recently rolled out to Oregon:
Holy crap, can you say mind control? 1984'ish, take over through education. Please go check out Dr. Duke Pesta on Youtube

Land use restrictions are not about saving Oregon. They ensure the average Joe cannot afford land sufficient to grow towards independence from the system.

State control of shaping land to retain water and replenish aquifers is absurd. Creating a swale, which helps recharge ground water in times of plenty, so that it is present in times of shortage, is a no brainer. But it is almost illegal under Oregon law (permits are very expensive and requirements onorus)

That's it for now. Look forward to influencing Oregon for the better!

Well said.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 00:03:25
Thanks for all you do.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 02:35:05
Welcome Brad P. And thank you for the post. I find permaculrure facinating though I know very little. I look forward to you schooling me a bit ;). I tend to think of it as a modern version of ancient agricultural practices. One's which seek to ensure long term balanced use of natural resources.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 06:41:21
Good info Brad!
Saturday 20 February 2016, 10:52:49
Brad P
Hey Wakinyan - that's about the best description I've seen! Heading out right now to plant 150+ fruit and nut trees. Think I'll need advil by the end of the day... but can't wait for the peach and nectarine harvest (and apples, pears, etc etc)..
Sunday 21 February 2016, 17:25:53
Brad P
What are other people on here interested in? What's wrong with the world, or with the state, in your opinion?
Sunday 21 February 2016, 17:26:25
Awesome! Where are you planting those at? Sounds like a lot of hard work.
Monday 22 February 2016, 04:59:25
Brad P
Sorry it took me so long to respond; I just saw my first notification of activity on here. As to your question, I'm planting fruit trees in 4 or 5 clusters spread around the property. And yes, it was a heck of a lot of work. But... eating all those fresh peaches and other fruit will be more than enough reward!
Wednesday 16 March 2016, 06:20:01
Glad to hear someone is thinking ahead. I come from small town farmers myself, but I've lived in the city for so long. Too long. Still planting a garden and fruit trees makes good sense wherever you are. But especially for land owners, you might want to investigate what it takes to get a land patent. The gov has already made clear its intent to take all the land of America. A land patent is the only way you can really protect your claim. Best of luck to you!
Monday 13 June 2016, 21:26:39
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