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Eastbourne, East Sussex
via The Full Circle Project
Why do you need to go through a body scanner if you`ve already had your arse felt and checked to see if your balls are loaded?I hope Ken can get to the Anarcapulco conference over land in peace.Prayers going up for him to do just that.Thanks for the heads up Mat
Thursday 18 February 2016, 09:53:23
I cannot get over the way the Americans have accepted this - so obviously to take away their human dignity. What monstrous cruelty. Who thought this up? It seems it was that weird ghoul, Michael Chertof. It would have to be a Jew. They are very cruel people. They say that "Chertof" means "devil." !
Thursday 18 February 2016, 13:20:23
Im glad I live on the planet with Ken.
Thursday 18 February 2016, 13:45:26
As strange as it is chertoff means son of the devil in russian he is evil enough to be
Thursday 18 February 2016, 18:20:08
Thursday 18 February 2016, 18:20:14
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