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I leave you with this: Sphere Being Alliance There seem [...]

Fayetteville, North Carolina
via Ubuntu Planet
I leave you with this: Sphere Being Alliance There seem to only be “Grey Hats” negotiating against the current regime… The only whitehats in this scenario are the ones in our community… and the SBA/SSP Alliance/Inner Earth groups are all watching to see what (if anything) WE as a community, then us as a planetary people will do about it. The time for waiting for whitehats, lightforces/beings to save us is over. We are the saviors we have been waiting on and now there are layers of other beings waiting for us to stand up. Some have expressed disappointment over the lack of action or unity in our community. We really need a grass roots global effort for full disclosure or we need to not complain when we receive a new 100 years of a new financial system and a partial disclosure. IMHO, CG
Michael S.
Many thanks for taking the time to post this.
Friday 19 February 2016, 07:55:34
NOW is the time to BE THE CHANGE...enough waiting already!!
Friday 19 February 2016, 14:24:01
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