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62 people now own half the wealth of the world [...]

Stockton-on-Tees, Stockton-on-Tees
via The Full Circle Project
62 people now own half the wealth of the world staggering
I can say in all honesty I am NOT one of them
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:16:42
Can you prove it bazz haha
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:29:29
A castle with terraced garden,upstairs swimming pool and overlooking the sea`re up there somewhere Bazz x
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:36:14
It is staggering...they could all live in a cul de sac somewhere quite comfortably but no...that just isn`t enough,they want it all...fewer minions to do there bidding and the rest of us gone so they may have the world to themselves
Friday 19 February 2016, 10:57:16
come on Bob, you know , you've been here, I have a sink and bath that's about it!! oh, do have a nice view though
Friday 19 February 2016, 11:14:29
an Englishman`s home is his castle apparently....I don`t know who made that up though(someone with a castle probably) have a great view Bazz...I was only pulling your chain buddy.....we may not have much wealth but we`re rich in many other ways :)
Friday 19 February 2016, 17:11:29
I've just had a young guy at my door , about 22ish, he is an ex young offender out selling a bag full of dusters, wash cloths etc, I have an anti new world order sticker on the window near the door, anywho he told me he'd got in trouble with the law etc and getting himself sorted doing house to house sales , next thing he comes out with " I've heard bout those lumiatti types , not right is it?!!!", wow I couldn't believe what I heard, so I bought some cloths of him, and it felt really good! Guys word is defo on the street🤗‼️‼️
Friday 19 February 2016, 18:36:51
Round here everyone has heard of the illuminati unfortunatley they think its a cool group headed by rihanna and jay z
Friday 19 February 2016, 19:04:25
Ha ha , no this guy knew the real meaning !,
Friday 19 February 2016, 19:05:39
Good lol it gives us hope that we can turn this around
Friday 19 February 2016, 19:12:08
I think almost everybody can feel it whether they know what it is or not. Misdirection of these feelings may be why worldwide anxiety is so high.
Friday 19 February 2016, 21:13:20
welcome to enjoy them anytime your in the area Guzzibob, and yes I knew you were lol
Monday 22 February 2016, 12:10:35
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