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I had a quick glance through this just straight out [...]

Wien, Wien
via Ubuntu Planet
I had a quick glance through this just straight out amazing Communication and Networking Tool.

I'm gladly bowing my head towards Mat Dowle for such a mind-boggling insight regarding the possibilities of Global Networking. It gives this beautiful Community an amazing tool to connect like-minded people around the globe in a manner I haven't thought possible.

Congratulations, fantastic job and a big Thank You for your time invested. May it help us all to build THE FUTURE Mankind actually deserves.

All the best wishes to all the soul mates out there...
Guntram & Claudia
[deleted user]
Well said and totally agree
! This site certainly has a different feel about it and it's not just something I feel I want to use... it's something that I feel I want to be a part of! Lots of Love, Lee x
Saturday 20 February 2016, 09:22:44
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