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Yes, I hear intelligent people bashing Islam these days - when it is not Islam which is causing the misery in the World - OUR World. Neither is it Christianity. It is the banksters who are manipulating what they contemptuously call "the masses." George Soros is funding the migrants and he just loves to hear of "the masses" getting exited about the Muslims and rape - when in fact they are undoubtedly TOLD to behave like that! They are told that European women have no men to either protect them nor to give them babies! Those exitable blacks from Cameroon and mali and such places can't wait to get to Europe! And they are PAID to do this - just as the Femen fools are PAID to behave so stupidly.
NO MY and me............................are reall problems. no someone else. someone else is derived from you after you give him your aprroval and complience.for his wish to create what his wish is focused upon. YOU AND ME ARE REAL PROBLEMS. IT ALL COMES FROM EACH OF US.
Sunday 21 February 2016, 16:16:41
Soros converts have infiltraited EVERY "ecology" group here in BC Canada. Those groups such as Greenpeace, Georgia Straight Alliance, Notankers, Dogwood Initiative, Sierra Club are doing exactly what Soros wants em to do....nothing.
Sunday 21 February 2016, 18:04:26
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