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*** Prepare For Change Network’s Online Healing & Meditation Group [...]

Toronto, Ontario
via Prepare For Change
*** Prepare For Change Network’s Online Healing & Meditation Group ***

Let's come together with kindred souls in a loving space to ground the energy of positive and lasting change through the power of emotions in our synchronized guided meditations:

We also offer free individual and group healing sessions to gently release old energies and to further integrate our expansion of Light and Love towards the greater whole.

If you feel inspired by our initiatives to bring more light into your own life and the world at large, feel free to join our community with talented and passionate people, to connect, share and collaborate.


Michael C
Hope to feel that change across the plane
Wednesday 21 February 2018, 05:35:40
Wednesday 14 March 2018, 04:29:27
Michael C
It is good to find concientious and empathetic individuals
Monday 26 March 2018, 00:42:40
Wonderful isn't it
Sunday 27 May 2018, 19:03:55
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