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I have revised the Canadian Anti geoengineering group map and [...]

Windsor, Ontario
via Geoengineering
I have revised the Canadian Anti geoengineering group map and added the Go Fund Me Billboard locations. GAG Canada is looking for people interested in starting a group in their Town/City/Province: please contact us @ The Eastern Provinces are bare. The Western Provinces have coverage, but, in large central groups. GAG Canada has been working Southwestern Ontario for geographical reasons. The Goal was to have smaller groups formed to work their territory. Larger cities can use Municipal Ward maps to breakdown into smaller groups. People don't come to us, we have to go to them. It's door knocking time! It's doable when territory is not so large. It would be icing on the cake if each Province had volunteers duplicating what GAG Canada has in place in Southwestern Ontario. The movement would grow much quicker. Plus, we need places to stop at, when we do the Cross Country Motorcycle Tour bringing awareness to GAG Canada and the cause! It would be nice to meet like minded people in each Province, however, I'm sure we'll have to pick a few street corners to make noise along the way too!…
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