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Inspiration, Business Drama, Talent Vampires, and Unity of the next [...]

Louisville, Kentucky
via Ubuntu Planet
Inspiration, Business Drama, Talent Vampires, and Unity of the next level of civilization. Level 1 as Dr. Steven Greer states we are yet to reach. All my past souls that played their part. Free Energy and true partnerships.
I like that: "all my past souls that played their part", it's nice to thank them/us for bringing us to this moment and beyond
Wednesday 24 February 2016, 22:38:01
Thank you Ermine. We should definitely connect soon. I will now check out your profile as I see the distance is a trot away. "Attention to detail," I see. It is so hard to observe and not report sometimes ey? Especially in an environment of wolves and disguised bigots. Later we should chat. I need to check on some promised work arriving and will get back on here very soon. Thank you again for reaching out.
Thursday 25 February 2016, 17:01:15
Hey, pardon for my absence in response. Yes I agree we should connect soon, especially considering the current state of affair
Tuesday 8 March 2016, 15:38:48
--of *affairs. I'd like to ask you though, what was it that brought you here and what kind of change would you like to bring about on this earthly plane?
Tuesday 8 March 2016, 15:50:15
I want light to when. Mother Gaia to win. To rise into higher levels of civilization. I also want a good life and good people to talk to that can help with personal issues while I handle a work overload in my artistic talent being tested for value. I want free energy and Google Fiber to release faster. I see cancer/drugs and finances destroying our chance at culture.
Monday 4 April 2016, 05:40:00
[deleted user]
This space ship is on the move and us with her. Raising our vibrations we assist Gaia to free herself. Full disclosure, planetary and human liberation now.
Friday 3 June 2016, 16:26:48
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