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The Resistance Alliance and the Secret Space Program has concluded [...]

Port Charlotte, Florida
via Prepare For Change
The Resistance Alliance and the Secret Space Program has concluded and decided that Soft Disclosure is the correct, responsible way forward. Those two organizations see Full Disclosure as irresponsible. I say that Not going ahead with Full Disclosure is the irresponsible path and immoral actions decided by those two organizations. This decision will give the criminals running the planet a decisive advantage and prolong the atrocities that happen daily. This was a cowardly decision. Full Disclosure is the only self-respecting course to set.
The right decision is the decision made by nation not any organization. Petition has been signed... Full disclosure should be made. :)
Wednesday 24 February 2016, 17:33:10
Fiona M
full disclosure will send some of humanity mad. And who is therE to support them aT THIS POINT. iT HAS TO BE DONE GRADUALLY SO THERE ARE SUPPORT TEAMS FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT. You must realisE OOPS NOT YELLING. THAT THIS WILL BLOW SOME PEOPLES MINDS. AND IT PUTS PAID TO EVERYTHING THEY THOUGH THEY KNEW. . chances are they wont listen anyway. I think a bit more forced truth disclosure, but there has to be support for those who are clueless to all of this.
Thursday 25 February 2016, 01:35:00
Noone cares how world looks like for those who does not accept it. In a religious way, financial way, the way of managing resources or energetical way (and so on). Full disclosure has to be made because there will be always some way to put things for later (meaning never) as it always was. Of course there will be some people who does not accept it but mainly those who have been using this system against our population. And it is always gradual. Of course that majority is not believing in sentient extraterrestrial life forms. But only because governments have been keeping things like this the whole time. Ask yourself how it was before the knowledge about the Earth being the globe was released. First it had to be accepted bu the church which after the centuries of "hurting" (expressing it delicately) discoverers acnowledged the fact proven by one of their own - Copernicus. Then they allowed it to be released for public. Was someone asking how people will react to the knowledge about it then? Off course. Do you think the news had bad effect n majority? Every information has a neutral energy. Only we give them positive or other value in our minds. making it affect us in the same way. I hear in the news more often that Depression is the second common mental disorder. It would be hard for it not to be that common. in the currrent state of media which is pupming mainly negative information in TV and RADIO. Full disclosure is the safety valve which we need right now.
Thursday 25 February 2016, 17:10:31
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