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Wednesday 24 February 2016, 09:53:54 0 miles away "What you need to [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
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Wednesday 24 February 2016, 09:53:54
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"What you need to know about internet addiction"… Thanks to Zen and Lula and Max and Matt for providing the pathway for us to “evolve” to the next level. How did they do it? By suggesting to you to get off your butts and actually collaborate with others in real life, real time. Digital information is ok but it provides little in the way of changing things. The internet helped us all to understand what's going on. It's provided us with understanding and analysis. But the digital “protests” are “think”, “understand”, “analyse” NOT “do”! Understanding what the global cabal is up to will not effect change. It only confirms you are an observer. It's easy to “find” some “news” on the net and “post” it for everybody to better educate themselves. But when does that stop and when does real meaningful action start? Keystrokes are a poor substitute for real face to face collaboration albeit keystrokes are better than nothing. Face to face is the system that is necessary to effect change. Organizing local meet-ups takes far far more effort than keystrokes and observing and learning. That's how the concept of the Full Circle Project works for me and takes us all the the next level. Kudos to the organizers.
Thank you for these comments Doug- its encouraging to see more action groups forming now; surely this is the basis for everything to take effect on the ground. We are working to enable access to specific resources and guidelines from people experienced in their field, so together with increased participation and suggestions from the members we can keep leveling up.....we will "Master the Game" one way or another with everyone's contribution Big thanks to all involved, Louise x
Thursday 25 February 2016, 08:26:01
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