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Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project - Here is the final edit and mix of my Bam-Bam vid hope you enjoy!
Interesting video , but not all cops are bad ,some do great work , it's only the militarized cops you to need worry about .
Monday 29 January 2018, 06:39:56
tony a
As the police are the soldiers that keep us obedient to the elites I don't see their institution as positive. I feel that a good cop is one that left the service because they saw the harm that it does to society and to so many good people! You can tell me that we need them because of all them nasties that walk the street but the majority of those 'nasties' would not exist in a fair and equitable society. Prisons are full of people that took or sold drugs not murderers and career gangsters, they account for a small amount of prisoners. The 'good' Police that you talk about are like the SS, they work for the evil that controls society so where are the 'good ones'? Sorry to be so combative but the fact is that I personally do not need Police to convict me of crimes that aren't crimes and feel that we should be looking at the institution as it is. You can be conditioned at a young age to join the 'force' thinking that you are helping people but if after a few years you haven't seen the corruption then that is known as cognitive dissonance and that is a real crime!!!
Monday 29 January 2018, 08:53:18
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