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Thanks for the link Fourfingerz! "Ring - Peer to peer [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
Thanks for the link Fourfingerz! "Ring - Peer to peer network for real time communication - FOSDEM 2016"… Are you isolated?? No Full Circle members close by? Want to do something effective? Safely? Install this newly developed peer-to-peer software. THIS has not been previously computer directly to another computer, encrypted. Now you can get better organized and talk to your friends, family and fellow collaborators. Or you can stick with Fakebook, For Twits, Screwgle, SkHype and give the global cabal every chance to take you down and make you weak and ineffective in your ongoing efforts.
This seems pretty awesome. If I weren't such a hack with tech and live communication, I'd certainly be using this. Very nice dissings there at the end, cheers. Let us not forget crapple, though perhaps zucker"suckler"berg takes the trophy for most gluttonous feast, as a cabal tittie baby.
Friday 26 February 2016, 20:41:23
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