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I have to say, it's wonderful to be a part [...]

Linwood, New Jersey
via Ubuntu Planet
I have to say, it's wonderful to be a part of this movement- raising conciousness on a global scale, & to pursue a mass change in the way the world conducts & controls the people of Earth with money
Thank you Michael, & to all who have strived, & continue to strive, to make these changes. It takes a global movement to make global changes!!!
We can do this!!!!!!!

Question: How do you all feel about Niburu, Planet X, passing through the Sun & Earth in the next month?

I haven't, yet, had the chance to observe the planet when the Sun rises &/or sets, but I'm excited to see I have been watching footage from all over the world, & pretty awesome, but its effects may be catastrophic.
Feelings about this?
Hey, looking to connect with local awakening minds.. let's talk. I'm in NJ by AC
Wednesday 31 January 2018, 14:45:44
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