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I am a human being who is working hard to [...]

County Mayo
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I am a human being who is working hard to release all negativity in order to elevate consciousness to the fifth dimension. If this sounds to you like a possibility then we are friends already, Join me!
[deleted user]
Hi, thats a great message and very real, but I'm not sure why you would feel the need to keep your identity hidden though, seeing as we're moving into the realm of complete disclosure and transparancy. Just being honest! Anyway, no matter, if it hasn't crossed your path already look into the Michael and Mary energy lines that go across England and Cornwall. I might
write a short post about them in a mo. Lots of Love, Lee x
Saturday 27 February 2016, 08:11:20
Piero Pioneer of the Future
well the truth is that we have to develop first in the 4th dimension...and than we can talk about the 5th...and our species need at list 25000 to 50000 and in some case even 75000 years to move in another dimension we are right now since 75000 years in the 3th dimension and honestly maybe 5% of the humans on earth are ready for the 4th to talk about the 5th dimension is far to early because we should focus on elevate our vibration to go in the 4th dimension first...
Saturday 27 February 2016, 09:05:39
Piero Pioneer of the Future
by the way...the inner earth human society is in the 4th dimension and are on the way to go in the 5th dimension but first they have to help US to rise the 4th...i thing there is a big need of explanation with the 5th dimension issue...lots of people don't understand that the surface of the planet is not far so developed like the inside of the it is true that the planet gonna reach 5th dimension energy but only the humans that are full developed in the 4th density can develop in the 5th...we on the surface are on the way to understand the 4th...and still far make this a bit better clear....just one little example...the 4th density people have the ability of communicate telepathically as normal as we talk how many people do you know that can communicate just as normal telepathically in our society...??? and telepathic talk is just one example...of 4th density reality....;)
Saturday 27 February 2016, 09:11:56
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