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The tv reality is a false reality; creating a false [...]

Nevada City, California
via The Full Circle Project
The tv reality is a false reality; creating a false culture. we are unplugged from that culture. the awakening is reaching critical mass, all we have to do is keep them from starting ww3, which we have, based on the effectiveness of courageous and outspoken individuals who are reaching more and more people every day. all we have to do is keep on being the awesome, sovereign, loving beings that we are and keeping working hard to change this paradigm through info, activism, natural and sustainable living solutions. by using the money system to escape the money system and return to the land's ways and all the beautiful benefits of living that way, nature has absolute intelligence and guidance. i dont even pay attention to the presidential race I abstain from partaking in that reality and those conversations with anyone, i dont give it energy, I focus on the ground level solutions to the worlds problems, which is happening every day for example when we see someone open a new business run entirely on solar, feeds people brilliant and healthy food grown right on the land in a permacultural setting, the building made of earthen material and geopolymers. these are real things to me. these are models of how we should live, those models are growing in full circular rhythm to make the new paradigm. we are being empowered by a store house of planetary knowledge and energy that has kept just for this moment in history (particularly 1960-2040) the ancients left us clues in megalithic sites letting us know; through situation of monuments related to the precessional cycles that this window in history is one of the most important times to be on earth doing whats right and just in the face of these terrible odds. Come to know your personal strength and of how much power we all have to change our reality based on the choices we make, not in the ballot box, but in real life. this is Our True Reality. Taking what we know should be done in universal truth and applying it in our physical world. this is just the ancient struggle of yin and yang.

Workings, Workings, ...workings of the highest…
Gotta wonder.
Some of the patterns shown remind me of fingerprints.......
Saturday 27 February 2016, 03:50:59
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