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It is becoming harder each day to avoid the poison [...]

Grayling, Michigan
via Freedom Cell - United States - Northern Michigan
It is becoming harder each day to avoid the poison that the elite are pushing on us. From the Flouride in our water and toothpaste, Aluminum in our foods and deodorant (don't forget the Stratosphere Aerosol Injection overhead) , Aspartame in chewing gum and sodas, and Pharmaceutical Drugs (and Vaccines) being marketed "off-label" at incredible scale. I thought I would share some links to resources concerning a few of these poisons and their effect on biology.



Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis…
Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ…
Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children…
The Dangers of Fluoride and Fluoridation…


An Honest Look at the Historical Evidence that Vaccines Eliminated Diseases…
Why Vaccinations Harm Children: Health Experts Sound Off…

GeoEngineering (Stratasphere Aerosol Injection, Solar Radiation Management, Ionosphere Heating Facilities i.e. HAARP)

Extensive List Of [GeoEngineering] Patents…
The Many Problems with Geoengineering Using Stratospheric Aerosols…
Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative

Spread the word, most are unaware that these chemicals are all around us or that they are HIGHLY TOXIC.
They are attacking the human race in all fronts including with emf and rf radiation , we have been cattle and slaves to these psychos for centuries ,now that they have advanced far enough in technology and they are starting to cull the human race to a manageable size for their benefit not the planet earth . What they fear the most is awake people and it is growing fast . They will do anything to distract and deceive the sheeple even assassinate the ones who are a threat their plan .. Radios and televisions where the first technology to dumb down the masses with mind control .
I could go on for hours but I'll leave at that for now .
Sunday 4 February 2018, 04:00:12
You are 100% correct @westwynd. The FCC and their plans for the 5G infrastructure will be the final nail in the coffin if we are unable to stop it. Thanks for the comment, its nice to see that there are others who can see what is happening out there.
Sunday 4 February 2018, 07:11:47
peace brother , we are at war .
Sunday 4 February 2018, 07:16:04
Miss Sara's Lost Arts
I hear you. It can be over whelming.…
Focus on what you can do luv. Keep Your Head Up! Xoxo
Monday 5 February 2018, 03:19:44
It can get so very overwhelming on so many many levels. Keeping centered seems difficult. I can't even read these right now. I am just coming down from a crash cram of information and had got to a point where I wouldn't drink any water do to a trust issue. I found a spring near me, but even that requires a f ton of research and trusting where you get the info from is a challenge. Endless War...

Sunday 11 February 2018, 19:32:20
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