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Input requested... Does this make sense: Twin Flames and Soulmates We have [...]

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Input requested... Does this make sense:
Twin Flames and Soulmates

We have all heard or read about twin souls, soulmates… usually with all kinds of new-agey language, and sometimes hard to imagine things about energy this, and kundalini that...

It does not matter what “other” person (merely another you) you spend the most time with; a stay-at-home parent may develop a deep relationship with their children, or we might have a best friend that we just seem to “get.”

It does not matter how long you are in a relationship with someone, although the more time you spend BEing with an “other” the better for both of your personal learning.

You “become” twin flames or soulmates, when the depth and breadth of the love you share grows to such proportions that you both have such knowledge and empathy with your “other” that you both reflect, like a mirror, to the other in such a way as to be comprehended on a level well beyond the limitations of spoken or written language…

THIS is where the “energy” thing comes in… but let's use science terms to continue...

We all are at different frequencies, like WiFi, but on a spectrum of 7.2 billion possibilities because we are each unique.

In order to communicate from one frequency to another, there must be a relay station or transformer to take information from one frequency, and make it available on another. In most interactions, we are limited by our knowledge of language - for both sharing our experiences, and in comprehending others’.

As we spend more and more time BEing with - consciously paying attention to - an “other,” we gradually increase our ability to gather information on all levels from this “other,” not just through interpretation of language symbols.

I don't think we are often born as twin souls or soulmates - in my heart-centered awareness, I get the feeling-certainty that ALL “others” have the potential to BECOME our twin souls or soulmate… of course, some are more likely than others.

I would venture to say that, rarely, two people meet one another at just the right time in both of their lives, and just intuitively “know” how to relate on a deep level - tune into one another’s frequencies, producing what we often hear or read about when others talk about “twin souls” and “soulmates.”

This also has HUGE implications for our workplace, social, and community relations. The smaller and more stable the groups, the better and deeper we can relate to one “an-other.”

Therefore, small workgroups, intimate family units, and close, small communities create the best conditions for having relationships with depth and empathy.

The closer our relationships to one an-other, the better we mirror or reflect one an-other’s aspects that are most need of further development toward self-actualization.

To this end, decentralization, conscious relationships, and small local communities and economies are in the best interests of ALL people.

acarya π
Very interesting thoughts. Wile i was thinking to me the outher day, i thought in something like this, it's amazing
Sunday 28 February 2016, 21:55:16
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