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I join this site back in 2015. and was very [...]

New York
via The Full Circle Project
I join this site back in 2015. and was very happy to get here. The site was new and building, it was coming up fast. But no were near were it is today. So "Big ups to the Admin". As an aggregator of news and information myself I find it necessary to keep on the move and therefore have not been around as much. However, there has been a link on my site to full circle for those years. Anyway as a returning prodigal Sun, I say job well done.
hat's great to hear Adink and very encouraging! If you have suggestions for further improvements and reach, do put forward for us. Also, leave us a link to your site so we can keep up with your work. Strength to your pen Louise (FCP coordinator-ish)
Friday 9 February 2018, 18:57:56
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