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The Global Law System is Corrupted.. ESPECIALLY the USA Legal [...]

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The Global Law System is Corrupted.. ESPECIALLY the USA Legal System.. we are putting an end to this !NOV*V!

I observe that only very few members are concerned at all with the issue of Justice as their interest.. My allies are Themis and Nemesis..

When Goddess Themis ~ is disregarded, Nemesis brings just and wrathful retribution.. she is 'The Inescapable'.. the Goddess of Righteous Anger.. the Hand of Dvine Justice~Themis~Justicia..

Nemesis is the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to arrogance before the gods. Another name was Adrasteia, meaning 'The Inescapable'.. the Goddess of Righteous Anger.. the Hand of Dvine Justice..

Themis - Roman Justitia - is described as 'of good counsel', and is the personification of divine order, law, natural law and custom. Themis means 'Divine Law' rather than human ordinance.. she is a symbol of Justice and the emblem of Law.. she is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems..
What did Cobra report (in short) about the legal/economic system during the transition to a Golden Age situation? Is the corporate world swapping to common law in the blink of an eye? Open source system? What happens to trademarking, patents etc.? Any link to suggest? Seems it would be worse chaos than the banking change...Thank you. Namaste Fretting Goddess :)
Sunday 28 February 2016, 22:30:14
Hi.. to tell the truth I am not much familiar with Cobra activities.. but from what I know they are announcing and announcing and NOTHING happens.. its like many of those Archangels' channellings or White Dragon Society.. nothing happens..
Monday 29 February 2016, 11:32:54
where is that new financial system and freeing people of their credits? where are those mass cabal arrestments?
Monday 29 February 2016, 11:33:50
where is everything? blink of an eye? bullshitte!
Monday 29 February 2016, 11:35:35
I do see the change - the SHIFT - I see it in SOME people around me in RL and in my FB circle.. I see it in myself.. I work on it and I contaminate others with it.. that's how it works, on basic, primary level.. and it is wonderful, even amazing.. but it takes time - not blink of an eye - and I don't see the final destination clearly yet.. but I do what I must.. man's gotta do what man's gotta do <3
Monday 29 February 2016, 11:40:33
Monday 29 February 2016, 11:40:57
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