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The time in which we we are currently living is [...]

Payson, Arizona
via Prepare For Change

The time in which we we are currently living is the beginning of a process in which the human species is becoming increasingly aware of the existence of Truth and experiencing a deep connection to it at the core of their being. intro-01-orwell This process will continue until it is accomplished through the expansion of our collective Consciousness and its evolution toward Truth. It will also be accomplished through our collective participation in the ideological battle taking place right now with those who are raging against this process of Creation.

I know which side of that battle I have personally chosen, for I've conquered my fear and ego to the extent that I would not suppose that I could rage against the Will of Creation and come out on top. I, for one, have stopped raging against what is, and have stepped into the slip-stream of Creation. I find that it's much more comfortable that way.

I also know that, regardless of who may appear to be in power or control at any given time, the Truth will always conquer. If you have recognized the Truth in what you've just read, you will also understand that it could not possibly be any other way.
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